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Musings from the mind behind Haagse Fiets Chic

"Why do you have a blog for Haagse Fiets Chic?"

Good question... and it's my wife that asked it, after asking her to check out the new website.

And understandably so ... beyond the two initial blog posts, which didn't say much really and which don't tell much of anything.

I thought the point of the blog would be simple (at least in the beginning): Offload my general commentary on social media to it's own dedicated blog, alongside a the beginnings of a HFC website, providing just excerpts and links for those who want to click through and read.

The general commentary I'm referring to, is the text only (no photo) posts I make about every week or two, usually answering, commenting, or referring to comments and questions I hear back via the grapevine or out on the street talking to people.  I always figure if one person asked that question, there's a good chancethere's that aren't saying anything, but are certainly thinking a similar question.

And until now, I've been doing this on Facebook, and Facebook only, which excludes followers who are only on Twitter, Instagram, etc.   And at the same time, I recognize, some people on Facebook who really just want to look at the photos and nothing else... I don't want to be posting a paragraph or three under their nose every week.  So I thought the blog was a nice solution to that.

And it fits nicely in the scope of eventually taking Haagse Fiets Chic out to "ride" on the Internet on it's own proverbial "two wheels", rather than just hitchhiking along on the backseat of Facebook. ;-)

Another reason "Why" is to document Haagse Fiets Chic.  Haagse Fiets Chic got started with an idea to document the changes to this city for the future, because this city was growing up so fast. And now it seems Haagse Fiets Chic is growing rather quickly in it's own right. Like this city, Haagse Fiets Chic has been changing and evolving since it's very beginning.  I think having it's own place to call home will maybe let me document some of the changes and share some of the experiences of Haagse Fiets Chic, as well as myself, as we ride on.

PS - The photo on the left from 1976 was one of the many photos that provided some of the original inspiration of evolution which lead to Haagse Fiets Chic.  i took the photo on the right just a few days ago to illustrate some of the changes to this city over just a few decades.

Photo credits: ( L - 1976, Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling;  R - 2016, Haagse Fiets Chic - all rights reserved by each respective owner)

Kevin McPeake