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I'm tired of kicking this idea around...

and am thinking the time has come feature the commuting boarders and skaters in and around The Hague and I'd like your feedback and suggestions.

Over the last year, I've captured quite a few skater pictures, but never enough to justify a daily posting (let alone 3 times a day) like I do for Haagse Fiets Chic, so at first, I wasn't quite sure if it was worth setting up a separate site for.  I also thought, perhaps not everyone on Haagse Fiets Chic would appreciate the expansion of focus.  Maybe they signed up for cyclists and only want to see cyclists, I reasoned.

And then again, maybe I'm wrong in my assumptions - maybe some, or even the majority, of you following Haagse Fiets Chic would also like to see the skaters of The Hague here in Haagse Fiets Chic?

I really don't know.  So I'm asking you - what's your thoughts?  One way or another, I'll go forward with this idea of posting these photos too but I'd really like your feedback what your preference for how I take this next step.

Should I just throw skater photos up here in the general Haagse Fiets Chic photo feed?

Or should I split it completely off onto it's own FB and Twitter feeds, under it's own name and then.   And then that of course, begs the question what would be a good name for it?  (BTW, this is what I'm kind of leaning towards, but not by a large margin)

Let me know what you think the comments here on the blog, or on Facebook or Twitter.  I'd really appreciate your thoughts, ideas or suggestions, even for a name for it. :)

And as always, thanks to all of you that really like and enjoy Haagse Fiets Chic and many thanks for your support here and on the street.

Peace, love and happiness to you all.



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