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Tables turned.... :)

I really wanted to post this photo a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't.  Not until today.  If you don't already know why, have a look in today's copy (28 April 2016) of the AD Haagse Courant, under Stad & Regio (Page 6 of AD Den Haag section).

For those who aren't in the Netherlands and can't see the paper, I'll try to provide a URL when they publish it online.... but for now, just trust me when I say there is this wonderfully beautiful two page spread on Haagse Fiets Chic in the papers today! 

BTW, let me just say, I obviously knew an article was coming, but not when, and even more so: I had no idea it was going to be such a beautiful two page spread (I honestly thought I'd be lucky for half a page), so this was still very much a BIG surprise to me too when I got up this morning. ;-)

A big thanks to Malou Seijdel, Frank Jansen, Axel Veldhuijzen and the rest of the amazing team at the AD for putting this together!!! And many thanks to the rest of you who come here every day, liked or commented on my photos and/or even have liked the HFC Page. You all are really the one's who keep me and HFC going. Thanks for that! :)



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