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Sorry everyone, one of my dearest pets is deathly ill....

As early as 5 months old, Daisy started riding on the bike with me.  She has a special little backpack she'd ride in and could see out of & even stick her head up and out through.  She's been down every street in Segbroek this way. :)

For day's it has been nagging me that I need to post something, anything - even just an update - so people don't lose faith.  I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to that until now.  But I began this morning by cancelling and rescheduling this week's planned obligations and appointments, so I figured I should also do the same on my Fiets Chic accounts.

In short, I haven't had time to do anything I had planned on for the last 5-6 weeks, because of Kittens.

First, we had two cats - Zen and Daisy, who had kittens recently.  All was going well until one of the kittens didn't turn around before trying to come out.  So after about 18 hours of this, we even took an X-Ray and realized one of the kittens - the first one in the birth canal - was trying to claw his way back in.  So they did a C-Section on our cat Daisy, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Emergency animal clinic here in The Hague.  It was very scary, as there was deep concern by the vets that the first kitten would possibly be lost, and maybe more - but with three vets working on the actual surgery together, we got lucky and everyone survived.

But then we had another problem, Daisy didn't accept the kittens & we were stuck nursing the three little kittens with KMR formula every 60 minutes with 1 millimeter syringes - which also happens to be the very last thing a little kitten wants stuck in his mouth. (Exhausting, that was.)
Eventually, she took to the kittens and the next few weeks, we had a bit of a break & could spend time catching up on some client work I had done, business administration which still had to be done & deadlines were quickly approaching.  But before we know it, just as we're getting around to celebrating the 4th week of kittens and the kittens are learning to walk, run and play - Daisy just starts to waste away before our eyes in the space of less than a week.   In the same space of those days, she looses over a kilogram and a half of weight as her appetite just stops.

Daisy at around 6 months old - she had the cutest little chocolate nose. She looked kind of like an Ewok.

The Veterinarians are confused and baffled by what the cause could be, as the usual suspect symptoms that they would normal consider for a mother of kittens don't seem to be present at all.  Hourly Induced feeding (aka Forced Feeding) was prescribed early last week and I got stuck with that all last week alone, as my wife was out of town on business.
She's been back this weekend, but has to take off again this week for another trip and I'll be on this food duty alone again this week with my cat Daisy.  I've been blessed by a lot of friends offering to help, and I really appreciate those offers that have come in to help out.  But as my wife pointed out, I'm probably the best one on the job for this, as in another life long time ago, I used to be a Veterinarian Technician for several years.

So that's where I've been lately, and more to the point, why I haven't been behind my camera on the streets taking photographs, or even behind my computer, working on photographs I've already taken.

I will be back on the job soon, and out taking photographs of more cyclists in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and else where in the Netherlands, because I'm not done loving this wonderful country and her people.  I just have to get Daisy and her family back to normal health levels & I'll be back out on the streets looking for smiles to photograph.

Sadly, Daisy doesn't look this healthy anymore. She's about 1/3 the size now.  We are working hard to change that.

BTW.... the fact, that I work for myself now, and can actually afford (well, not really, but you know what I mean) to take dedicated time for my cat who really needs assistance to get better, hasn't escaped me.  That wasn't always the case for me.   In fact, I am reminded of many times, I needed to escape for even just a few hours to take one of my pets to the vet, and I worked for some manager who wouldn't be so generous in allowing me to reshuffle my work.  Perhaps that's why I want to mention this one manager, I once had.  Despite being a pretty straight shooter and a very smart cookie in what she does for a profession (Financial Fraud Investigations) - that's not what she did at all.  In fact, when I called her one morning, after waking to realize some of the automation I had on my aquarium had failed & dumped high doses of chemicals into my aquarium, and I left a some what urgent sounding message on her Voice Mail that sounded something like this "Hey Jana, I've woke up to a disaster with my aquarium that occurred over the night.  If I don't do something immediately, all my fish are going to die.  I know we had to work <blah blah blah> today, but if you don't mind, I really need to stay home today."    About an 30 mins later, I got a Text message that said "OK". I stayed home and saved my fish.
The next day, we got talking about it, and she told me - she had it in her head that she could only imagine in her mind a goldfish bowl with a few goldfish in it, but despite whatever initial reservations she might have felt, she went ahead and said "Ok".   When I pulled out a photograph of my 1500 litre coral reef aquarium, we all laughed as she said "that's not the goldfish like what I was thinking".  
I was a new employee at the time to her (our team had just been transferred) and she didn't know me well, but she let her heart rule her mind, knowing in the end, her mind would get to the bottom of it, if I was pulling something "funny".  And for that, I ever respected her as a manager, and doubled down on my efforts to show her in that in my work towards her.
If you're a manager of passionate pet owners, please be more like Jana.   :)

And pet owners, recognize, while you're in one of the countries with the highest amount of dog and cat lovers / owners - don't you abuse those good managers - it only works if you don't abuse the respect and consideration given to you. :)

PLH and promise to be posting as soon as I can.

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